Disneyland Snacks: Caramel Apples

I am big fan of apples, yet of all my year spent at Disneyland I have not tried one of their caramel apples. My parents rarely bought us snacks at the parks growing up and as an adult, I was just being frugal. Plus, they looked hard to eat. Recently, I was strolling through Downtown Disney when my co-creative mind twin Amy and I stopped to watch the chefs decorate fancy caramel apples. We were memorized because we love crafty stuff like this. Plus, it was nice to know that they use everyday products like Marshmallow Jets brand like we do. My friend Roger was so shock when he found out that I have yet to try one and so he bought one for Amy and I to share!

This is the Apple Pie Caramel Apple and it was so good! I always though these were too expensive, but it feeds two so that cuts down the price a lot. Amy and I were annoyed that the CM put the sticker on upside-down though.

I can't wait to try the other caramel apples now!


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