Simple Tae Kwon Do Cupcakes

My dad is a Master instructor at Tom Vo's Tae Kwon Do Academy and they do monthly birthday celebrations for their students. My dad's birthday was in February and he wanted to bring something for all of his students during his birthday month. Too bad he told me the night before the event if I can whip up come cupcakes for him.

With just a few hours to create, no supplies, and no time to prep or design, I whipped up some simple and messy Tae Kwon Do cupcakes for my dad and his students.

Baked48 cupcakes, 24 rainbow yellow cake and 24 chocolate cupcakes. I was lucky to have some ready-made frosting to tint and use. Notice the movie on the right? My favorite movie ever, Con Air. I always put on a movie to listen to when I am baking and decorating.

I decided to make the cupcakes look like karate uniforms since Tae Kwon Do uniform aren't as recognizable in cupcake form (instead of the "Y" neckline, it is a "V" neckline). Because I was short on time, I stuck to two colors: red and black. If I had more time, I would made each cupcake with a different color belt. Luckily the TKD uniforms are white so that saved me some time.

The cupcakes look pretty decent after they were all boxed up and ready to go. It can be such a pain to try to quickly whip up sometimes with little or no warning, but I always have fun doing so. Always a learning experience, too!!

Happy birthday to my Papa!!! I love you very much!


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