Back from the Holidays!

Happy new year everybody! I cannot believe it is 2011 already! Time does fly by fast when you get older. I need to sit back and appreciate the moments and cherish the people in my life.

I love the holidays. I love the festivities, the foods, the season of giving, relaxing, rejoicing, and celebrating, and I love the opportunity to see people you rarely see during the year!

During the holidays, I love to give gifts. I love picking out the prefect Christmas gifts, wrapping them, and hearing their joy and appreciation from the gift. I also appreciate it when they are honest and need to return or exchange my gift-- that helps me refine my mental gift giving list for next time.

In return, I also receive ton of gifts! I love opening gifts!I want to share some of the ones that will contribute to this creativity blog in the future:

(A gift from my sister, who found this treasure in the Dollar area of Target. Not a chocolate fan, but this book might inspire me to try to work with chocolate!)

(Tons of paper supplies for scrapbooking, handmade card making, notekeeping, and more! I know where's a fancier word for this stuff, but it's late and my mind can't think that deep right now. Thanks to Linda and Jeremy's mom for the creative materials!)

(I've been wanting a fancy and cute apron for a long time, but I never find much use for an apron. Normal clothes is fine with me when cooking. This gift is perfect because it's something I want, but won't by for myself because I don't need it. Thanks to Sonya for all the trouble she went through to find the perfect apron!)

(Thank you Amy for getting my the Bakerella Cake Pop book! Amy and I are huge fans of the Bakerella website and creator. I love looking at these amazing projects, but always feel threatened to attempt them. I can't wait to try some now.)

(Fun cupcake accessories from my sister's boyfriend Jack and his family. These items are by David & Goliath, which carries the cutest stuff, and from Urban Outfitters.)

Some gifts to aid my creative side that are not pictured includes tons of baking supplies like candy melts, a new brush and whisk, a ginormous cupcake and cookie carrier, and Sprinkles cupcake and icing mix. Many thanks Joanna, Jack, Amy, and anyone else I may forget!!! Love you all!


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