Thanksgiving-- Pies All Around!

Apparently I'm known as the "dessert" queen at my "in-laws" house and have unofficially been giving the job of bringing dessert during holiday gatherings. I need to declare something: I am learning as I go. There is no way am I a baker or a decorator-- this is just all fun and new to me!

So Thanksgiving comes along and I was giving the job to "pies" for my boyfriend's Thanksgiving feast. Instead of being adventurous, I opted for a simple apple pie (because I've made that one before) and pumpkin pie (because the recipe seemed easy to follow). I also made some pumpkin spice cupcakes too, but I'll go into more details about that later.

Apple and Pumpkin Pie (recipes are linked)

I should have written this post right after Thanksgiving because my memory is fading and I can't think back to what I did! The apple pie I created was exactly the same as the one I created last year for Christmas so that was simple enough. The pumpkin pie was a bit harder because it was a first time for me! I think I copied this recipe and everything turned out okay! Sorry, if I am being lazy with my post, but I really cannot remember much from that day. I just remember baking ALL DAY LONG and being covered in ingredients and smelling like pumpkin.

Pumpkin Spice with Pecans Cupcakes (see recipe below)

I got the idea of creating cupcakes that are designed like pies from this nifty book I have:

I also stole the pumpkin spice cupcake recipe from my awesome Betty Crocker cupcake cook cook.

I added my own little twist to the cupcakes though: instead of using colored candies to create the image of a blueberry or cherry cupcake, I sugar-coated and roasted from pecans and topped them off on the cupcakes! Now, my cupcakes resembles pecan pies! The sweet roasted pecans added a great taste to the pumpkin spice cupcakes! Yum!

Blueberry Cobbler, Apple Pie, and Derby Pie

My sister and her boyfriend were a bit more adventurous in their baking and decided to try make some new pies! By the end of the night, my kitchen was filled with delicious smells and covered in used bake ware, sugar, and random ingredients. The clean up was NOT fun, but luckily we were smart and wash/clean along the way.

I only got to taste the apple pie and blueberry cobbler, which tastes delicious! The blueberry cobbler was very yummy and the apple pie was perfect with French vanilla ice cream. I didn't even touch my pumpkin pie or pumpkin spice cupcakes because I was tired of the pumpkin smell from baking it all day and night.

Baking can get really tiring! I/We made four pies, a cobbler, and a batch of cupcakes in one long day. Whew! I think I'll hold off on the Christmas baking for awhile!

Spiced Pumpkin Cupcakes (from Betty Crocker "Just Cupcakes")
-Ingredients: 1box yellow cake mix, one 15oz can of pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix), 1/2cup water, 1/3cup vegetable oil, 4 eggs, and 1 1/2tsp pumpkin spice
-Heat oven to 350degrees; place baking cups
-Large bowl, beat eggs, cake mix, pumpkin, water, oil, ad pumpkin pie spice together; divide batter evenly into baking cups
-Bake 20-25mins

*Again, I added chopped pecans, which I roasted on a nonstick skillet with sugar and used tinted (brown gel) buttercream frosting for the pie-like details


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