Playing with Chocolate

I've been meaning to play around with some new chocolate molds I bought, but I have been lazy and/or busy. Finally, after all this time, the weather cooled down just enough for me to feel in the mood to play with chocolate.

Chocolate-covered Strawberries

I've been having MAJOR strawberry cravings and been eating basket after basket of them. They are buying quite a whole in my pocket since it is no longer strawberry season, but I love strawberries! They are my favorite fruit.

So the first thing I did with some leftover strawberries? Quickly whipped up some milk chocolate and white chocolate covered strawberries! Yum! Also, since I had a tiny bit of yellow-tinted white chocolate left from another project (see below), I quickly (emphasizing on quickly) decorated the strawberries. Do you know how hard it is to pipe with very little chocolate left in a baggie?

With the yellow, I got two reactions: my dad asked if I put cheese on my strawberries and my boyfriend asked if I put mustard. Lesson learned: don't use yellow on chocolate.

They were delish!

Chocolate Lollipops

I love flowers because they are a symbol of happiness. Flowers are also colorful and I love colorful things. In general I think flowers are a waste of money because they die so quick, but hey, these chocolate flower lollipops won't die.... unless you eat them. Therefore, it's a win-win experience!

I was too lazy to create more colored white chocolate so I just stuck with yellow, pink, and the normal brown milk chocolate. I'm not a fan of white chocolate (too sweet!), but these are pretty yummy. I love chocolate that is soft, yet not melted. I love chocolates that just dissolves in your mouth... yum!

(Also, don't you like my nail color? I'm IN LOVE with this color! It's perfect for your nails- subtle so you don't look trashy, yet pretty pink to give yourself some color.)

Chocolate-covered strawberries: milk and white chocolate with yellow-tinted white chocolate swirls
Chocolate lollipops: petals are milk chocolate or pink-tinted white chocolate with yellow-tinted white chocolate centers


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