I've been on a bit of a hiatus....

... but here's an update to you all know that I'm still alive!

Life has been quite busy and my mind has not been on the creative track for quite awhile. I've been neglecting both this blog and my personal blog. I blame it on my vacation to San Francisco-- I'm always on a creative drought after vacations.

One thing I just realized I haven't shared yet were some of the wonderful decorating and cupcake-inspiring handbooks! Although I try to come up with my own original ideas, most of the time I look for inspiration through baking websites, fellow bloggers, and books! I always try to add something to make mine creations unique. Let me share some of favorite books with you!

The book that started it all! This was the manual I received when I took the Wilton Course 1 decorating class back in April/May 2009. This is a very good beginners' guide for people who wants to start from the very basics.

This is a comprehensive reference book for anything and everything Wilton, which is one of the top brands when it comes to commercial baking and decorating. I use this handbook like how it was meant to be used: as a reference and an idea book. Now you know where I get some of my secret creative ideas.

This book is perfect for me because I can be a lazy baker and tend to start with a normal box of cake mix. Which brand do I prefer? Well, whichever is one sale! (Unless there is a flavor that Duncan Hines make and it is not available through Betty Crocker or Pillsbury, etc...) I love this book because it was inexpensive and filled with yummy recipes to turn an ordinary cake into something unique. Need an easy recipe for Malted Milk Ball Cupcakes? This book tells you how to create a delicious cake from a box of yellow cake! This book also has simple and cute decorating ideas, which are good for kids. Another positive about this book is the binding: I love that it has a ringed binding and can easily sit open so I can quickly glance the recipe with both hands busy. Who doesn't love Betty Crocker?

Every cupcake lover, baker, and decorator knows of and love these books! Hello, Cupcakes! was the first book by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson and was featured in a numerous of magazines, TV Shows (including Martha Stewart and Oprah), and popular websites and blogs. Their SUPER creative and easy-to-follow decorating ideas are recreated by bakers all over the country. The special thing that you only need a can of frosting, a zip-lock bag, cupcake batter, and a handful (and variety) of candy to create these super adorable and uniquely designed cupcakes! What's New, Cupcake is their second book, which is also filled with tons to easy-to-follow ideas and beautiful photographs! I am in love with these books!

As of right now, these are the only (um, only?) decorating books I own. Almost weekly, I look through these books and try to build up enough energy to bake and decorate. Sadly, most of the time, I feel too lazy. I am a lazy baker and a lazier decorator. I promise to update with something new.... soon!

Next time, I'll cover some of my favorite websites and blogs!