What's Up, Doc?

When my sister's birthday was coming up, her awesome boyfriend Jack asked me if I could help him create a doctor-themed birthday cake for Cindy. How can I say no to such a romantic gesture?

Jack and I planned very carefully to meet when Cindy was in class or at work and each time we had to work very quickly.

The first time we met, I explained how the cake would look like, how fondant works, and how to pipe letters onto a cake. He was able to create a stethoscope and name tag out of fondant. With the name tag, he added edible pearls because Cindy loves pearls. He also practiced piping letters with buttercream frosting for at least a good 20 minutes before attempting it on the name tag. "Dr. Le" looks pretty good, doesn't it? While he was working, I made additional details such as some pills and a pen. Day one was done.

The next time we met, I already baked a yellow sheet cake and all we had to do was add a crumb coat, covered the cake with white fondant, and added some more details. Jack cut out some fondant to make the purple blouse, white shirt collars, a pocket, and some detailed purple heart buttons. When everything was put together, the cake looked FANTASTIC!

First off, I wanted everyone to understand that I made sure that Jack can say that he decorate the cake himself. With this in mind, I only explained to him how to work with different cake decorating tools and supplies. I am proud to say that Jack did about 75% of the cake decorating job and it turned out fantastic! What do you think?

Great job Jack! I know that Cindy was VERY impressed! If I ever need an apprentice, I will know who to ask!

Cake: yellow cake with buttercream coating; cake is covered in fondant and details were made of tinted fondant, edible pearls, and buttercream writing


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