Rice Krispies Cupcakes

My mom and I love to whip up some Rice Krispies treats when we are in the kitchen together. This was one of my favorite childhood desserts that my mom would make. Over the years, my mom had perfected her recipe for it is chewy, moist, and not too sweet.

We happened to have some large marshmallows and half a box of Rice Krispies so we decided to make some treats! I thought it would be fun to shape my treats into cupcakes! I was super surprise at how easy this was!

I am very lazy when it comes to mixing different color vanilla icing so you can tell these are totally a "lazy man's frosting" job. I started off with yellow in my icing bag (bottom center). When I was done with yellow, I added a tiny bit of red and swirled it together with the yellow, hence the yellow and orange swirl (top right). Last, I added an itsy bitsy drop of blue gel coloring and luckily my experiment did not turn into food icing! Instead, i get this strange swirled mix that looks like yellow, orange, and forest green (top left). I topped off my cupcakes with some basic colorful sprinkles. Voila! Rice Krispies Cupcakes!

In the end, the icing made the cupcakes too sweet so I had to remove it to make the treats edible. Sweet or not, these things look so adorable. don't you think so?

Cupcakes: Rice Krispies cereal with butter and marshmallows topped with tinted vanilla frosting and simple rainbow sprinkles


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