"I'm On A Boat"

This is what happens when it is a Friday night and I have nothing to do:

A couple weeks ago, two of my close friends Amy, baking/decorating partner, and Roger, underground artist, were over at my house and we were bored and had nothing to do. I had baking supplies out from working on the my sister's White Coat birthday cake and cupcakes I happened to have an extra cake laying around (I know, what are the odds) so one thing led to another and we ended up decorating some cupcakes and creating this SUPER cute (and random) cake!

I had leftover blue marble fondant from this cake and we used bits and pieces of leftover fondant I had from other various cakes. Amy started this cake by rolling yellow fondant balls and forming a bird-like creature. What should it be? A yellow penguin? A chick? Well, since the cake looks like a lake, it should be a yellow rubber ducky! I had extra candy eyes and for the beak we used the tip of leftover candy corn... voila! I love this little guy! Amy worked very hard to make the braided rope that lines the bottom edge of the cake.

Roger decided that the duck should be on a raft on this lake cake so he proceeded to create a blue raft because we only had large pieces of blue fondant left. I decided to make some wooden oars and a green ring buoy from fondant and gum paste. The striation marks on my wooden oars were created by unevenly blending brown gel coloring into gum paste.

The extra pieces, which includes the purple flowers, white flower, and blue flower, were all added randomly Somehow it made the cake look.... complete. The final detail were our initials "ARL". Many people first look at our cake and ask, "Who is Arl?" Amy, Roger, Lisa. Fun times with fun friends on a Friday night.

Cake/cupcakes: German chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream frosting, dyed fondant, dyed gun paste, edible candy pearls, and a candy corn for the duck's beak


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