Calico Cake Shop in Buena Park

I was researching cupcake ideas for a friend's birthday when I stumbled upon this store! This store is fab-u-lous!! I could spend hours in this store, coming up ideas after ideas for decorating cakes, cupcakes, and other baked goods! Calico Cake Shop in Buena Park is a tiny store, but is filled with everything you need.

(One of the many stands in the store. This stand has all types and colors of sprinkles, edible dust, pearls, jimmies, chocolate rocks, etc...)

(I was so overwhelmed with the store's merchandise that I only left with some basic supplies: silver and black cupcake wrappers, candy roses-- because I hate making roses, and a large cupcake tip!)

Below is my Yelp review of this wonderful store:

"I found this place on Yelp this past weekend and I am proud to review it and give it five stars!

How did I not know that this place existed just a few cities away from me? How did I let myself spend all the money at Michael's on Wilton products and pay for expensive shipping on websites like Bake It Pretty.

This store is a small shop, which is perfect! (Any bigger I would get lost is all the stuff that covers this store's walls.) Every inch of this store (from floors to walls to shelves) is covered with stuff. Baker/decorator's dream come true! I can't name everything, but they have all types and colors of sprinkles/pearls/edible dust, cookie cutters of all shapes, cupcake toppers and wrappers, fondants, pans, candy melts, pans, books, boxes, and more!

I walked in and came out with ideas for at least three upcoming projects. There is a elderly lady who works there (the manager or owner?) who looked kind of strict turned out to be SUPER kind and attentive!

I didn't even mention the prices... everything seems cheaper or at market-value. Nothing was marked up. Also, they have things in individual packs or smaller bags so you don't have to buy a huge amount of one thing... for example- their edible pearls are sold in little cups, which is perfect for simple projects. Who needs a whole jar of edible pearls?

I am definitely visiting this place again.... very soon!"


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