"I'm On A Boat"

This is what happens when it is a Friday night and I have nothing to do:

A couple weeks ago, two of my close friends Amy, baking/decorating partner, and Roger, underground artist, were over at my house and we were bored and had nothing to do. I had baking supplies out from working on the my sister's White Coat birthday cake and cupcakes I happened to have an extra cake laying around (I know, what are the odds) so one thing led to another and we ended up decorating some cupcakes and creating this SUPER cute (and random) cake!

I had leftover blue marble fondant from this cake and we used bits and pieces of leftover fondant I had from other various cakes. Amy started this cake by rolling yellow fondant balls and forming a bird-like creature. What should it be? A yellow penguin? A chick? Well, since the cake looks like a lake, it should be a yellow rubber ducky! I had extra candy eyes and for the beak we used the tip of leftover candy corn... voila! I love this little guy! Amy worked very hard to make the braided rope that lines the bottom edge of the cake.

Roger decided that the duck should be on a raft on this lake cake so he proceeded to create a blue raft because we only had large pieces of blue fondant left. I decided to make some wooden oars and a green ring buoy from fondant and gum paste. The striation marks on my wooden oars were created by unevenly blending brown gel coloring into gum paste.

The extra pieces, which includes the purple flowers, white flower, and blue flower, were all added randomly Somehow it made the cake look.... complete. The final detail were our initials "ARL". Many people first look at our cake and ask, "Who is Arl?" Amy, Roger, Lisa. Fun times with fun friends on a Friday night.

Cake/cupcakes: German chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream frosting, dyed fondant, dyed gun paste, edible candy pearls, and a candy corn for the duck's beak

What's Up, Doc?

When my sister's birthday was coming up, her awesome boyfriend Jack asked me if I could help him create a doctor-themed birthday cake for Cindy. How can I say no to such a romantic gesture?

Jack and I planned very carefully to meet when Cindy was in class or at work and each time we had to work very quickly.

The first time we met, I explained how the cake would look like, how fondant works, and how to pipe letters onto a cake. He was able to create a stethoscope and name tag out of fondant. With the name tag, he added edible pearls because Cindy loves pearls. He also practiced piping letters with buttercream frosting for at least a good 20 minutes before attempting it on the name tag. "Dr. Le" looks pretty good, doesn't it? While he was working, I made additional details such as some pills and a pen. Day one was done.

The next time we met, I already baked a yellow sheet cake and all we had to do was add a crumb coat, covered the cake with white fondant, and added some more details. Jack cut out some fondant to make the purple blouse, white shirt collars, a pocket, and some detailed purple heart buttons. When everything was put together, the cake looked FANTASTIC!

First off, I wanted everyone to understand that I made sure that Jack can say that he decorate the cake himself. With this in mind, I only explained to him how to work with different cake decorating tools and supplies. I am proud to say that Jack did about 75% of the cake decorating job and it turned out fantastic! What do you think?

Great job Jack! I know that Cindy was VERY impressed! If I ever need an apprentice, I will know who to ask!

Cake: yellow cake with buttercream coating; cake is covered in fondant and details were made of tinted fondant, edible pearls, and buttercream writing

Happy Birthday to My Sister!

Wishing my beautiful, super smart, and caring sister future Dr.Cindy Le a FANTASTIC birthday filled with happiness, a bit of relaxation from her studies, and surprises!

(Isn't she just plain adorable in your scrubs and white coat?)

I love you very much, Lil Cin Cin!

Women Who Likes Purple (and Happy B-day Mommy!)

Quick shout out to the most wonderful mom on this planet! Happy Birthday, Mommy!

For my mom's and sister's dual birthday, I made these simple cupcake and silver cupcakes! Because they both like the color purple, I decided to make each cupcake unique, yet still stick to the color theme.

As you can see, there are some yellow and blue cupcakes mixed into the purple and white theme. That was because I had some friends over on this wonderful Friday evening and they wanted to help! So I gave them a cupcake and they had some fun with blue and yellow fondant (I had already ran out of purple fondant). Luckily, the blue/yellow combo works well with the purple-themed cupcakes!

Cupcakes: German chocolate cake; most cupcakes are topped with vanilla buttercream icing; cupcake decorations are made of tinted fondant, edible pearls, fine sanding sugars, and/or edible silver luster dust.

Rice Krispies Cupcakes

My mom and I love to whip up some Rice Krispies treats when we are in the kitchen together. This was one of my favorite childhood desserts that my mom would make. Over the years, my mom had perfected her recipe for it is chewy, moist, and not too sweet.

We happened to have some large marshmallows and half a box of Rice Krispies so we decided to make some treats! I thought it would be fun to shape my treats into cupcakes! I was super surprise at how easy this was!

I am very lazy when it comes to mixing different color vanilla icing so you can tell these are totally a "lazy man's frosting" job. I started off with yellow in my icing bag (bottom center). When I was done with yellow, I added a tiny bit of red and swirled it together with the yellow, hence the yellow and orange swirl (top right). Last, I added an itsy bitsy drop of blue gel coloring and luckily my experiment did not turn into food icing! Instead, i get this strange swirled mix that looks like yellow, orange, and forest green (top left). I topped off my cupcakes with some basic colorful sprinkles. Voila! Rice Krispies Cupcakes!

In the end, the icing made the cupcakes too sweet so I had to remove it to make the treats edible. Sweet or not, these things look so adorable. don't you think so?

Cupcakes: Rice Krispies cereal with butter and marshmallows topped with tinted vanilla frosting and simple rainbow sprinkles

Calico Cake Shop in Buena Park

I was researching cupcake ideas for a friend's birthday when I stumbled upon this store! This store is fab-u-lous!! I could spend hours in this store, coming up ideas after ideas for decorating cakes, cupcakes, and other baked goods! Calico Cake Shop in Buena Park is a tiny store, but is filled with everything you need.

(One of the many stands in the store. This stand has all types and colors of sprinkles, edible dust, pearls, jimmies, chocolate rocks, etc...)

(I was so overwhelmed with the store's merchandise that I only left with some basic supplies: silver and black cupcake wrappers, candy roses-- because I hate making roses, and a large cupcake tip!)

Below is my Yelp review of this wonderful store:

"I found this place on Yelp this past weekend and I am proud to review it and give it five stars!

How did I not know that this place existed just a few cities away from me? How did I let myself spend all the money at Michael's on Wilton products and pay for expensive shipping on websites like Bake It Pretty.

This store is a small shop, which is perfect! (Any bigger I would get lost is all the stuff that covers this store's walls.) Every inch of this store (from floors to walls to shelves) is covered with stuff. Baker/decorator's dream come true! I can't name everything, but they have all types and colors of sprinkles/pearls/edible dust, cookie cutters of all shapes, cupcake toppers and wrappers, fondants, pans, candy melts, pans, books, boxes, and more!

I walked in and came out with ideas for at least three upcoming projects. There is a elderly lady who works there (the manager or owner?) who looked kind of strict turned out to be SUPER kind and attentive!

I didn't even mention the prices... everything seems cheaper or at market-value. Nothing was marked up. Also, they have things in individual packs or smaller bags so you don't have to buy a huge amount of one thing... for example- their edible pearls are sold in little cups, which is perfect for simple projects. Who needs a whole jar of edible pearls?

I am definitely visiting this place again.... very soon!"