Welcome to Beantown!

On my recent annual "Sister Trip" to Boston, MA (home of the much-hated NBA Boston Celtics... can you tell I'm from L.A. and a huge Lakers fan?), my sister and I got a chance to eat... a LOT. As I previously stated in my earlier posts, I am not much of a foodie or dessert person, but what else is there to do in a quaint little city where the food is everything? There were so many little restaurants, coffee shops, dessert locations, and taverns and bars! Everywhere you look screams "food!". Also, everyone I talked to before heading off on this trip suggested list of places to eat (rather than actual sightseeing places to see/do).

I won't bore you with reviews of the different restaurants we tried, but here is a list with photos in case you are interested:

Here is the main reason why I decided to post about my trip to Boston: cannolis. I have never tried a cannoli before and the North End of Boston, also known as "Little Italy" was supposed to have the best cannolis ever. There are two rival bakeries on Hanover Street in North End: Mike's Pastry and Modern Pastry. Both are located with a few stores of each other on the same street. Many prefer one over the other, while others prefer one's filling at one bakery and one's shell at the other bakery. Sadly, we only made it to one of the bakeries, Modern Pastry.

My sister and I could not stomach any more pastries during our super busy, jam-packed trip to Boston. Sadly, we both did not see the hype about the cannolis at Modern Pastry. The service was unattentive and the dessert seemed... normal. I have never tried cannolis before so I cannot truly judge, my sister (the dessert queen) also agreed that the cannoli was only sub-par. So much for cannolis in Boston.

Next time, we will definitely have to try the cannolis at Mike's Pastry and other desserts, like the famous Boston Cream Pie.


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