Awesome Hamburger Cake

My good friend Joanna bought this AWESOME cake for her son's first birthday.

Look at the wonderful icing job on this cake! What amazed me the most is the icing job done on the top and bottom bun, which covered two slices of yellow cake. The tinting and shading is perfect and the whipped buttercream frosting was so smooth! Also, noticed all the cracks, smudges, and dents on the cake due to wear-and-tear. I'm always amazed when a cake stays perfect around kids.

The burger patty is chocolate cake with details (such as ketchup, mustard, onions, and lettuce) are piped with regular colored buttercream icing.

Joanna bought this cake at a local chain grocery store, but I have to double-check with her about the exact location and price. You don't usually find creative and detail-oriented cake pre-made at a grocery store so this was an exciting find.

Cake: chocolate cake sandwiched by two yellow cakes; yellow cakes are covered in tinted whipped buttercream icing; details piped using colored buttercream frosting


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