Another Reason to Cook

I do not call myself a chef or cook by any means-- I just know how to throw together quick 30-45 minutes deals with little to no prep time. I have to find creative ways to defrost meat, quick marinating tips, and interesting ways to make sure my meals include most of the major food groups. It is not easy to whip up quick hearty meals that is enough to feed at least two grown men and one grown woman.

I am not really creative in the kitchen because I made sure to stay away up until I was well past the age of adulthood, but now I am faced with the challenge of fixing dinners almost every night. I am not much of a foodie either (and neither are my audience) so I am not stressed about making five-star cuisines.

I hate being in the kitchen, but over the years, I have develop a slight fondness and protectiveness over my kitchen. Now with the baking, or more accurately, the decorating, I've been more interested in kitchen tool and kitchenware. I can actually walk through the "Kitchen" section of stores and not be bored!

Well, to get to the point of this post, I found THE CUTEST accessory for the kitchen: aprons!

Flirty Aprons has the most fashionable aprons around! I'm am really considering about buying one myself, but I don't really need an apron to cook or bake. Plus, I don't know which design to choose! My favorite is the Original Sweet Sunshine:

I love pretty things and I just had to post about these cute aprons!


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