Bringin' Back the 1980s

I had the pleasure to help Miss Amy decorate a 3-tier (well, actually 4-tier) cake she made for her brother's wedding rehearsal dinner. The baking aspect of this cake was a ton of work! Each tier consists of 3-layers.

The decorating aspect was fun! I learned a lot about stacking multi-tiered cakes and coloring fondant. I also had a chance to play some more with fondant.

Her wedding rehearsal follows a 80s theme, which sounds so fun! Not only is the wedding party decked out in their 80s gear, they will have a rad cake to add to the celebration!

The top tier(s) is a multi-colored Rubric's cube that is in mid-twist. The second tier captures the neon bright colors that the 80s (and it is shown through their unforgettable clothing) is known for. The bottom tier features the all-time popular arcade game, Pac-Man and Ms Pac-Man, with a special twist-- we made the two characters of the game dress up in wedding formal outfits to fit the occasion. Creative, huh? I liked the idea too! Also on the cake is a special fondant-cassette, which reads, "Joe & Esther's Rad Wedding". (Thank you Jon for helping us!)

I am a bit sad that my camera was not able to capture how incredible this cake looks! Also, you can barely see the Rubric's cube in this picture. Look at all the details... this is the biggest creation for me!

Everything on this cake is edible.

Boy, what a learning experience!

Cake (I need to double check with Amy for the exact details): fondant-covered white cake with special strawberries & cream filling and fondant details


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