Soccer Fun

First off, a birthday-shout out to my sister's boyfriend Jack!

To surprise him on his birthday, I decided to create a soccer ball cake because Jack is British and loves to watch and to play soccer. (He is actually currently on his college's team.) Because I have never created a spherical cake before, this should be interesting. I did a lot of research and decided I did not want to buy a special pan. Instead I went searching for a Pyrex glass mixing bowl, which is round enough. Due to lack of time, I was not able to find a mixing bowl and had to settle for a rounded glass Tupperware container by Pyrex.

Jack likes carrot cake and since I've never made carrot cake before, this would be a fun time to try! I loved how the carrot cake's texture and density came out! It was so yummy... like a muffin! Because it was dense, I was able to carve and shape the cake into a half-sphere without any crumbs. First, I covered the cake with a thick layer of cream cheese frosting (just because carrot cake and cream cheese HAS to go together... yum!). Once that was settled, I outlined the pentagon and hexagon patterns onto the cake. The soccer ball pattern was surprisingly hard to figure out. Then I finished by piping the black spots on the cake.

Hmmm... something is missing. I decided overcome my laziness and also pipe in the white area of the soccer ball. I was glad Miss Amy was available via text/gchat to help me decide what looks best.

The soccer ball cake looks better already! By this time, my arm is ready to fall off from all the piping. But I needed to add the grass....

And a birthday message (I was too lazy by now to pipe the words on so handwritten Sharpie will do).... and voila!

I am pretty please with my soccer ball cake. I hope Jack likes it! Shhh! It's a surprise... his birthday isn't until Thursday, April 29th.

One big downside of using buttercream... the clean-up. Such a big mess.


I've also been meaning to post some of my other (non-edible) creations on here, but haven't found the time (or energy) yet.

This is a quick birthday card I made for Jack to go along with his cake.

I love DJ Inker. As a teacher, I think I have all of their cute fonts and a bunch of their clip-art collections. For the soccer ball in front, I wanted a 3-D sticker, but I didn't find one that I like during my one trip to Michael's Arts & Crafts this week. (I am kind of glad I don't live by a Michael's because I would be spending money there all the time!)

Cake: carrot cake with carrot-flavors bits, thick layer of whipped cream cheese frosting, and black and white buttercream icing on the outside of the cake
Card: blue, yellow, and green scrapbooking paper, mini colored brads, cotton balls, and DJ Inkers fonts and clip-art images


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