Random 2008 creations

I lied. My first baking experience did not start with the whole Michael's cake decorating experience. While looking through old photos, I found out I did try to bake once. I attempted to bake back in Summer of 2008. That attempted was due to two reasons:
a) My fellow 1st grade teacher Patty insist I buy one of her son's break-apart cookie dough for his fundraiser. Being a non-cooker back then, she was forever trying to get me to learn how to cook and bake. Because of her, I attempted to bake some cookie dough. Although it took two tries, I was able to create yummy freshly-baked cookies!

b)This was the summer I was diagnosed with ITP, a low-platelets disorder. It was an extremely difficult summer for me and I did everything to try to keep my spirits up. I found a box of pretty strawberry-flavored cake mix and decided to try to follow the directions on the back of the box and make some cupcakes. They turned out so beautiful! I even tried to spice them up with some messy frosting and Christmas sprinkles (which J'mi recognized and called me out on). Hey, they still tasted great!

Although random were cupcakes I made for one of my best friend's bridal shower. Because Drexelle love Disney Princess, I found some awesome Disney Princess cupcake liners. Drexelle is also a chocoholic so I made sure there was plenty of chocolate in the cupcakes. The weather was so warm that day that I can tell the frosting was melting and taking the princess-colored sprinkles with it. Despite that, the bridal shower looked amazing and I was proud with how it turned out... sweltering weather and all. Maybe I'll post pictures of events I've thrown. I'll save that idea for future post.

Cookies: chocolate chips and white chocolate and macadamia nuts
Cupcakes: strawberry cake with or without white frosting and Christmas sprinkles
"Drexelle" cupcakes: yellowcake with chocolate frosting and princess-colored sprinkles and chocolate cake with white frosting and princess-colored sprinkles


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