Joanna's Baby Shower

May 2009
During my cake decorating class, I volunteered to create simple cupcakes for Joanna's baby shower. Because she was having a boy, the shower (which I helped planned) had a blue and brown color theme. I tested out a cupcake at home first to see if the M&M candies make good decoration on cupcakes and they do!

I decided to continue with the M&M candies idea, but only using blue and brown M&Ms.
I was pretty happy with the end result of my cupcakes. After all, they were my first ones! I was also pretty excited to use my newly-bought Wilton cupcake tree.

(I spy with my little eye a boy who wants a cupcake...)

Brown M&Ms Cupcakes: Devil's foods cake with blue-tinted cream cheese frosting and plain M&M toppings.
Blue M&Ms Cupcakes: Yellowcake with milk chocolate frosting and M&M toppings.


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