Happy Halloween

October 2009

One of my best friends Drexelle threw a "Through the Decades" theme party for Halloween. I thought it would be cute to create Halloween-themed cupcakes for the party. I tried to incorporate candy corn as part of the decorations because I love candy corn! I actually still have some from Halloween! (I know that sounds gross, but they are still tasty! Trust me!)

It was also my first time using cookie icing as a part of my decorating tools. My goal is to add a little bit more to my decorating knowledge each time I attempt to create something. Cookie icing is very interesting. It is very smooth, spreads easily, and quickly dries with a hard shell, much like royal icing. I found that cookie icing is easy to control, especially for smaller details, such as eyes or fine lines.

Cupcakes: devil's food cake with buttercream frosting, cookie icing, and with or without candy corn toppings


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