Birthday Shout-out

I need to wish a very special person a happy, happy birthday:

Miss Amy!

May your birthday wishes come true!

Thomas the Tank Engine Birthday Cake

Joanna's older son was turning three-years-old and I wanted to bring a cake over to help them celebrate his big day. I know that he LOVES trains, especially Thomas the Tank Engine. (Random thought: what is up with boys and their fascination with trains?) I was going to create this awesome cake that looks like the full body of Thomas, but I ran out of time and had to whip up a simple cake, featuring only the train's face. I was happy because I was able to use my new 6" round pan.

Looks like he enjoyed his cake. He even ate the fondant part!

Cake: double-layered chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, fondant, cookie icing, and pink sparkles

Raspberry Birthday Cake

For another birthday, I was in charge of providing the cake. I wanted something light, unique, and appropriate for a "mother-in-law's" birthday. After much thought, I decided to create this raspberry birthday cake. With this cake, I attempted to make it three layers (pretty difficult to stack), fruit filling, whipped frosting, and using real fruit! Before this, I have never bought raspberries before because I am not a fan of that flavor. Apparently, the raspberry fruit taste NOTHING like raspberry jam, candy, or any other raspberry flavoring! The fruit is actually quite tart. Not bad!

Cake: three-layered yellowcake separated by raspberry filling with whipped vanilla frosting, buttercream piping for the leaves and vines, and fresh raspberries covered in pink sparkles

Peach Cobbler

I found this easy recipe to make peach cobbler on Bakerella ( and decided to try it. I'm not really into inventive baking and because I do not know how this is supposed to turn out, I was a bit nervous. I had all the ingredients ready and attempted my first peach cobbler.

It was okay. I would never make it again. Edible, but too sweet. Not a fan. Oh well, it was worth a try!

Cobbler: peach slices, yellowcake, brown sugar, walnuts, and a bit of cinammon

Ladybug Baby Shower

One of my good friends Nicole was expecting her first baby. To help with the baby shower, I volunteered to make the edible cupcakes and non-edible diaper cake.
The diaper cake was fun to make. I enjoyed designing the cake and traveling everywhere looking for the perfect materials to decorate the cake. I was very pleased with how it turned out in the end!

I designed three different cupcakes for Nicole's baby shower. With these cupcakes, I learned how to fill cupcakes with special frosting so that there is a little treat inside each one! Each cupcake design will be part of the ladybug theme, but unique in its own way. With Amy's careful hands, we were able to make sure each cupcake were as close to perfection as possible.
The first design looks like an actual ladybug with bug eyes and cute little dots.

The second design features a tiny non-edible ladybug on a patch of beautiful green grass with green sparkles.

The last design was a simple traditional red cupcake swirl with pink sparkles for some extra oomph.

They turned out soooo adorable! And they are equally as yummy!

Diaper cake: tons of rolled up diapers, rubber bands, double-sided tape, ribbons, and decor
Cupcakes: red velvet cake with cream cheese filling, buttercream frosting, and/or sparkles, fondant, cookie icing, and plastic ladybug buttons.

7-Month "Birthday"

My good friend Joanna has this tradition of celebrating her babies' monthly birthday every month until they turn one year old. For her youngest son's 7-month celebration, Amy and I volunteered to create the cake.

We have been dying to work with fondant and we finally found our chance. We never took the Wilton's fondant course, but with enough online research and watching online videos, we figured it wasn't too complicated... and it wasn't!
The entire experience was definitely a learning process.

Cake: double-layered red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and fondant

Merry, Merry Christmas

December 2009
My sister Cindy and her boyfriend Jack made these beautiful apple and pecan pies for Thanksgiving. So when it was time for me to go to my boyfriend Jeremy's house for Christmas dinner, I asked my sister for her apple pie recipe.

This was my first time baking a pie and I was thrilled when it turned out beautifully!

Happy Halloween

October 2009

One of my best friends Drexelle threw a "Through the Decades" theme party for Halloween. I thought it would be cute to create Halloween-themed cupcakes for the party. I tried to incorporate candy corn as part of the decorations because I love candy corn! I actually still have some from Halloween! (I know that sounds gross, but they are still tasty! Trust me!)

It was also my first time using cookie icing as a part of my decorating tools. My goal is to add a little bit more to my decorating knowledge each time I attempt to create something. Cookie icing is very interesting. It is very smooth, spreads easily, and quickly dries with a hard shell, much like royal icing. I found that cookie icing is easy to control, especially for smaller details, such as eyes or fine lines.

Cupcakes: devil's food cake with buttercream frosting, cookie icing, and with or without candy corn toppings

San Francisco

September 2009
I took a trip up north to visit one of my bestest friends Linda. She and I have been through a lot! Even though we are always in different time zones (or at least a few hours away) from each other, we have managed to stay super duper close. I guess real friends just keep in touch, no matter what.

Linda is a BIG cupcake freak. She loves sweets and desserts, but something about cupcakes makes her all giddy. Her favorite cupcake bakery in San Francisco is Kara's Cupcakes (, which is located in Ghirardelli Square. I love how simple the cupcakes look and I especially love the bakery's design! The color scheme and logo are so pretty and delicate. I love the carrying bag so much I had Linda take a photo with it.
(I love this bag so much that I have not been able to throw it away yet. It is actually sitting next to me right now and stores all of my random late-night snacks.)

Kara's Cupcakes were delish! They were also the right size for one person to finish, which is a good thing for me because I don't particularly like eating sweets.

In between touring the city, sightseeing, eating, and catching up, we managed to find time to bake and decorate some cupcakes! I brought up several of my decorating tools and gave Linda a quick cupcake decorating lesson. I say she did a good job for a first timer!

Good times with my BFF.

Cupcakes: Yellowcake with Wilton's ready-made buttercream frosting

Amy's Going Away Party

August 2009
When Amy was accepted into pharmacy school on the East Coast, I was really sad. To surprise her at her going-away/good luck party, I baked and decorated a cake. It was also a chance for me to really decorate since the Michael's class ended back in May.

I took the chance to try some designs, such as the basket weaving. I also learned how to make royal icing and worked with it for the first time. In the end, the cake's design was too busy , but I think Amy liked it.

I wrapped her going-away present in this lovely wrapping paper provided by my sister Cindy because I just found out how much I like gerber daisies!

Cake: Yellow "funfetti" cake with buttercream frosting and royal icing

Fourth of July

July 4, 2009
Because I love the color red, I wanted to create cupcakes with bright red frosting. My chance came in July 2009 because it was the Fourth of July! I played around with some food coloring and created Fourth of July cupcakes to bring to a BBQ.

Cupcakes: Yellowcake with red, white, and blue buttercream frosting

Frosted Cupcakery

On the last day of school (for teachers), my principal brought in a bunch of cupcakes from Frosted Cupcakery in Long Beach( Although they taste good, I was more impressed with their creative flavors and designs. Every cupcake looked like they are perfectly handcrafted and the individual boxes they came in were uber cute.

You can follow their blog at:

Cupcakes: chocolate/coconut vanilla buttercream (everyday) and pink lemonade (seasonal flavor)

Random 2008 creations

I lied. My first baking experience did not start with the whole Michael's cake decorating experience. While looking through old photos, I found out I did try to bake once. I attempted to bake back in Summer of 2008. That attempted was due to two reasons:
a) My fellow 1st grade teacher Patty insist I buy one of her son's break-apart cookie dough for his fundraiser. Being a non-cooker back then, she was forever trying to get me to learn how to cook and bake. Because of her, I attempted to bake some cookie dough. Although it took two tries, I was able to create yummy freshly-baked cookies!

b)This was the summer I was diagnosed with ITP, a low-platelets disorder. It was an extremely difficult summer for me and I did everything to try to keep my spirits up. I found a box of pretty strawberry-flavored cake mix and decided to try to follow the directions on the back of the box and make some cupcakes. They turned out so beautiful! I even tried to spice them up with some messy frosting and Christmas sprinkles (which J'mi recognized and called me out on). Hey, they still tasted great!

Although random were cupcakes I made for one of my best friend's bridal shower. Because Drexelle love Disney Princess, I found some awesome Disney Princess cupcake liners. Drexelle is also a chocoholic so I made sure there was plenty of chocolate in the cupcakes. The weather was so warm that day that I can tell the frosting was melting and taking the princess-colored sprinkles with it. Despite that, the bridal shower looked amazing and I was proud with how it turned out... sweltering weather and all. Maybe I'll post pictures of events I've thrown. I'll save that idea for future post.

Cookies: chocolate chips and white chocolate and macadamia nuts
Cupcakes: strawberry cake with or without white frosting and Christmas sprinkles
"Drexelle" cupcakes: yellowcake with chocolate frosting and princess-colored sprinkles and chocolate cake with white frosting and princess-colored sprinkles

Joanna's Baby Shower

May 2009
During my cake decorating class, I volunteered to create simple cupcakes for Joanna's baby shower. Because she was having a boy, the shower (which I helped planned) had a blue and brown color theme. I tested out a cupcake at home first to see if the M&M candies make good decoration on cupcakes and they do!

I decided to continue with the M&M candies idea, but only using blue and brown M&Ms.
I was pretty happy with the end result of my cupcakes. After all, they were my first ones! I was also pretty excited to use my newly-bought Wilton cupcake tree.

(I spy with my little eye a boy who wants a cupcake...)

Brown M&Ms Cupcakes: Devil's foods cake with blue-tinted cream cheese frosting and plain M&M toppings.
Blue M&Ms Cupcakes: Yellowcake with milk chocolate frosting and M&M toppings.