The Start of Everything

One year ago....

April/May 2009
So it all started with me, feeling a bit bored and a bit adventurous. I decided I want to pick up a random hobby so I searched Michael's and Joann's for any fun classes I can take. After debating between jewelry making, sewing/knitting/crocheting, or floral designing, I decided to go with cake decorating. I knew that JiYoung, a grade-level teacher and good friend of mine, took the classes and now she is a semi-professional cake decorator.

After some much research and finding it affordable, I asked one of my best friends Amy (who is very crafty) is she is interested in joining me and she said yes! So together, we are off on a cake-baking and cake-decorating journey.

Sunday after Sunday, week after week, we learned how to make various textures of icing, make cute little flowers, do simple borders, and how to use various cake decorating tools. We had so much fun sharing our tools and materials with each other. We also had some messy fun at each other's homes preparing colored icing for that week's class. Not only was the cake decorating class a wonderful bonding moment for me and Amy, we had fun being creative.

I love baking and decorating with Amy. Although we have different styles, I feel like we work well together. At the end of every baking and decorating session, I somehow end up covered in icing and sugar and Amy manages to stay clean. But that is how we work. Even now, I am still bouncing ideas off her to see what she think and vice versa.

Here are some of my creations from the Michael's decorating class:

It was so fun to look back a year ago and see where it all began. I still have a lot to learn, but I was so happy I was able to one experience this with Miss Amy!